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Posted on Jun 1, 2015

Hi everyone,

I hope your holidays are going well! ūüôā A couple of messages about upcoming events –¬†three planning dates next week, including chances to find out a lot more about the upcoming camp trip. Yay!

Camping In August – Meeting next Tues and site visit a week Saturday!

The northern regional woodcraft camp is just over two months away… it’s happening this summer, 8-15 August at¬†Blackhills Campsite¬†near bingley (BD16 1UB).

The Leeds district is having an initial meeting on tues 2nd June at 7.30pm in Arcadia in headingley.

There is also a site visit planned on Saturday 6th June at 1pm. We need at least a couple of people willing to go along to chat to other groups; see the facilities- for logistics; and see the surrounding area- for programme ideas. (We can share transport.)

Please can you indicate initial interest by answering the questions below. This will help work out costs. Remember, all adults staying overnight must complete WCF membership including DBS check (meet staff or membership secretaries Airasa or Susan Docherty to do this in the next couple of weeks Рas it can take up to a couple of months to process).Siblings are welcome, as are family members willing to join in and contribute. Elfins and pioneers can come without their parent/ carer, if you agree it with a nominated responsible adult friend/ group leader.

For hesitant campers there are the options of day visits, or even booking a bunk indoors in a dormitory! It is nearby especially to be accessible to the newer groups in West Yorkshire. Leeds has been invited to camp together in a ‘village’ with Manchester, who can lend lots of communal equipment. Other ‘villages’ include Hebden/ Bradford, Durham/ Stanley, and Liverpool/ Birkenhead.

Everyone needs to get involved to make it happen, so can you also let us know if you’re most interested in helping with the menu, program planning, admin/ bookings or general logistics.

There will be further meetings if you can’t make these first two, but it would be great if we had a loose idea of numbers. Can you also let me know if you’re definitely not interested in coming! It should be amazing if we can get organised! ¬†–¬†(Airasa)

Even if you have already mentioned it in passing,¬†please email answers to these questions to¬†email hidden; JavaScript is required¬†before the meeting on Tue 2 June,¬†to help figure things out…

1. How many adults/ children are interested in camping, and kids’ ages?

2. Which nights between 8 and 15 August?

3. Do you prefer to help out with food, programme, admin or logistics (ie equipment/ transport) etc?

4. Can you join the meet ups on 2nd or 6th june, or do you prefer to be given tasks outside of meetings?

5. Can you bring personal sleeping tent(s) for your family?

6. Any particular queries/ questions/ suggestions you want to raise?

Please spread this to your local woodcraft friends, groups and contacts.


Michael, Airasa & Katy

Leeds Woodcraft Facebook Group for discussing local woodcraft things!