Our Favourite Songs

Posted on Jun 9, 2014

We sing a lot of songs at our group sessions, here are some of the group’s favourites!   At the end of each session we always sing the traditional:

Link Your Hands Together.

Link your hands together A circle we make; This bond of our friendship No power can break. Let’s all sing together In one merry throng; Should any be weary We’ll help them along; Should any be weary We’ll help them along.

A firm favourite of the kids (even if it did freak some of them out at first!)

Worm Song

Nobody likes us, everybody hates us, Because we live on worms; Big fat juicy ones, Skinny weeny winny ones, See them wriggle and squirm. Bite their heads off; Ssss their juice out, Throw their skins away. Nobody knows how much we thrive On worms three times a day. The first one was easy, The second one was squeezy, The third one stuck in our throats, The fourth one was like a sausage roll, And the fifth one made us choke.

Another fun choice (sung to the tune of “London’s Burning” – works well with rounds!

Campfire’s burning

Camp fire’s burning, Camp fire’s burning Pile on timber, Pile on timber Flames are leaping, Flames are leaping And townsfolk are sleeping

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